Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Celebration

Erm. I turned 46 last week whilst handsome boyfriend was on big boat cruising around Italy with his teenager in tow. I might toss in that said man also forgot that his person-of-interest had a birthday. I've never heard such sorrow in a man's voice and hope to never again.

So, we had plans. Dress shopping for the play on Saturday night for which he has had tickets for almost 4 months, dinner before that, and spectacular couples spa day to start the day.

Trouble is, the spa mis-booked our massages. OOPSIE! Then spa mis-booked our facials. OOPSIE x 2!!

Girlfriend - 1
Boyfriend - 2 (he got a massage)

Lunch was fine. Sun started to peek out giving hope for cruise around large local lake on his boat before heading out to play. Who needs dinner when one can nosh on the boat, in the sublime sunshine and warmth that we only get here for about 3 months of the year.

He sat through a pedicure AND a manicure and whilst he sat there very uncomfortably while being pampered, I started to hum Brad Paisley's "I'm Still A Guy" and giggled. I was given the "look" that said he found it entirely amusing. Pamperers were asked what they'd do if boyfriend forgot birthday and both replied, they'd be livid, and quit speaking to him for days.

Wanly, he smiled at me; I giggled and smiled back at him. He's lucky to have me, I figure. I get a point for being patient, understanding, and forgiving.

Boyfriend 0
Girlfriend 1

Rest of the spa day was fine. The spa heavily discounted our day, and gave us a certificate to come back.

Time on the boat was fabulous. He got more details about the Big 4 public accounting firms I'd worked for, and my former employer. It still makes me nervous to tell people about the last four years but honesty is tantamount to building something solid with him.

To finish off the night, we went to Wicked. I saw it four years ago on Broadway and loved it. He has never been.

Dress that I bought on Friday night was a smashing success even garnering comments from people I did not know on the street, inside the venue, and at a restaurant post-play. Thank you to Nordstrom's Maxine for helping me find it, and boyfriend for giving me the thumb's up.

Girlfriend 2
Boyfriend 1

The end of the night was perfect. In barefeet and amazing dress, I taught him how to teach his teenager some basic ground strokes in tennis (I'm a former state champ - not sure he knows that! as he mentioned I'm going to kick his a@@ when we play... haha... payback for that chess match a few months ago... which is a whole other story)

In three years, I've gone from well heeled executive to poor college student trying to make ends meet. I've lost everything, and gained much more.

Honesty has allowed me to face some of the worst days of my life, and let a man into it who is not afraid of the truth.

Honestly, the weekend ended perfectly with me on the winning end.

Girlfriend 4
Boyfriend 3

Honesty. Gotta love it!


Old MD Girl said...

pics please!

A Doc 2 Be said...

pics of us? haha

I'll have to start collecting them... maybe when we land in Vegas for his 55th.

Old MD Girl said...

cute dress!

Slamdunk said...

Happy belated birthday.

You are a former state champ at tennis? That is fantastic. The Mrs. won her state's title as well and played one seed in college for 4 years.

Christine said...

Love it! Oh, I'm so glad you got a great night of celebration-- hard earned :)