Friday, August 13, 2010

Well, This Was A Whirlwind

My mom was readmitted for surgery, this time they were looking at more stones, and also checking her heart (not during surgery).

Dad is getting weaker and more tired.

Storm has the zoooooomies.

On Monday, I have a meeting with my former university to see about refund of last fall's tuition given all that I've detailed here before. Given the 3" binder I have full of emails, text messages, inappropriate other things, I'm hopeful they will not only refund my tuition but wipe my transcript of the "W"s. If that happens, I'm registering for organic, biology, physics, and probably some humanites type class in music theory or American Indian studies.

Yes, you read that right. IF it works out with the university, I'm continuing on!

Also, I have an awesome contract opportunity for me elsewhere. The medical device company has been thoroughly enjoyable as I've learned so much about technology but also grant process, how egotistical some people can be, how to effectively tell them "No", had the opportunity to meet the president of my division because of one such doc and the president supported my decision (note to doc: former VP of internal audit is no slouch and no doormat, perhaps had said doctor KINDLY requested a review and reassessment, I might have been more amenable to adjusting my grant amount).

Anyway, wish me luck. I'm so hopeful... and so eager to get back at it!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Glad to see you'll be able to continue working towards your goal.

If you're interested, I made a rather lengthy post on doing well in first-year physics: