Thursday, September 16, 2010


Considering it for now.  Epi.  Boo's mom should be happy with that :)

Anyway, still trying to find a means to get school paid for.  While doing a master's is not ideal, worst case scenario, I get a master's degree closer to what I want to do and a job in that field, while trying to pursue prereqs.  Best case, I end up with my master's, the prereqs taken, and an acceptance letter.

Seriously.  Who cares if ultimately I go to the Caribbean school to get my M.D.??  I mean, I'm not looking to be the greatest anesthesiologist or cardio-thoracic... right?  I just want to be a rural family med gal.  And it seems to me, epi would fit nicely with that...

Stay tuned.  Not down, and certainly, not out!


Babylonian Princess said...

I completely agree with you. Who cares where you go for med. school? Not your patients (and hopefully they're the most important ppl in all of this).
MPH sounds good. I'm considering it too. I got into med. school in the Caribbeans but had a pretty rough summer and couldn't start in Sept. But I don't know if I can get a loan. Still trying to figure that out....but meanwhile, I think an MPH can open a lot of doors!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I have a meeting set up to discuss PhD route instead and taking my GRE in November. If I get over a 1200 composite, I believe the rest of my path with align pretty quickly.

Mi said...

I agree... You have to do whatever makes you happy. I too am trying to enjoy the journey wherever that may lead me...

A Doc 2 Be said...

Med school will make me happy, but not having any money to pay for the pre-reqs to even apply is driving me mad... and making me depressed.

Desire is not the problem, money is.

However, by pursuing a PhD, money becomes no issue as I'm covered by graduate funding rather than undergraduate. In addition, the program requires a few classes... and guess what those classes require...

organic chemistry


Which means, that I think I can take those classes as part of my PhD program and apply them to my medical school applications.

That's what I'm finding out :D

Mi said...

You seem to have found a good solution if, in fact, your graduate program fellowship/scholarship or stipend pays for undergraduate pre-requisites.

Beth said...

I'm glad you're considering this option! Good luck!

You can find some good GRE study guides at libraries. Very usually if it's been awhile since you haven't tackled math. I'm studying now and I'm starting to remember things I've forgotten.

It also gives you a review on root words and words that are good to know. They can be used to review, study and use flash cards with.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you Beth, and Mi!

I have a meeting set up next week with the Epi and Environmental PhD program coordinators to discuss background, suitability, and my idea on a dissertation.

In addition, already bought the GRE books to make flashcards for the vocab, and do the math. Another friend of my turned to:

And will be using that site as well before I take the exam on November 4th. :)

It is the back door way to take the pre-reqs but if medicinal biochem is required for the PhD program, than the pre-reqs would be covered... I hope.

Michael said...

Just wanted to stop by and offer some words of encouragement. I am much younger, 25 years old, and beginning my undergraduate studies (well, beginning again, after taking courses at a school that is essentially worthless as it relates to med school). 24 isn't old, but I've served 6 years in the military now, have quite a family for my age (wife, step-daughter, and twin babies!). I might be much younger, but my body is beaten, bruised, and sore. I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear (in Iraq), I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and have all kinds of joint problems. So, I am more more non-traditional as far as med school students go compared to a kid right out of high school.

That being said, reading blogs like yours inspires me to continue on the long, long path of becoming a doctor. Everytime I think "this route would be easier", I read about a non-traditional pre-med student who is nearly twice my age (as you're aware, I'm sure..there are a lot!), I realize, if I don't now, I will be revisiting this years from now anyways..and I press on!

I truly hope your grad school route works out if you choose that. I've read many of your posts, and honestly think you have the passion and drive to become an M.D., it's just a matter of everything else aligning for you. Hang in there, and God bless!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you, Michael!

So sorry to hear you lost part of your hearing capacity in Iraq. My thoughts go to all those who serve our country in any capacity.

My best to you as you continue on your own journey.

A contract now would start mine up again :)