Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post Bloat - Into The Pasta

Decided now that I'm trying to be in college again (contracts where art thou??), that I need to quit eating at BK and Wendy's, and cook at home.

Went yesterday afternoon and le' gasp, to the grocery store. Odd place I very infrequently visit. It has these really lonnnng rows of boxes and cans and fruit, oh my! I was mystified at my choices!

Trying to conjure dinner for the week was a bit amusing. "What do I put into that, again?"

Down the pasta aisle I went. Full egg wide noodles? Dumpling noodles? Egg noodles?

Decided on full 2-pound bag of dumpling noodles for my stroganoff (which by the way is on my other blog about food recipes). Checked out by myself - when did grocery stores install self-service?? Drove home. Put fresh meat and veggies into the fridge. Left cans of tomato sauce and pasta noodles on the counter. Went for a drive. Upon arriving back at home I found...

empty pasta bag. Mind you it was SEALED at the factory, not twisty tied. Apparently, Storm dragged the bag to the floor, Hope ripped the bag open and they had what appears to be a doggy picnic of crunchy, dry pasta noodles on the floor of the kitchen.

Seriously, dry noodle picnic for the dogs... what kind of furbrained dog thinks DRY CRUNCHY pasta is tasty!! Should have taken a picture. Hope had one sticking out of her mouth as if to say, "Waaat? Whatchyou lookin' at?"

Make it a great day ~ I'm off to get pasta noodles for dinner tonight. Last night, it was a BK run, yet again.

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