Monday, September 13, 2010

Reminded Yet Again... Why

Found a possible grant for women in sciences.  I know its a long shot as generally those are for the women who have not yet failed in life and are still young, energetic, eager, and hardworking.  All the things... well, I was young and energetic once, the hardworking part, not so sure.

Anyway, there is a grant out there for women pursuing science related degrees and professions.  I'm going to apply.  It can't hurt.  If I don't apply, it will be no.  If I do apply, and get told no, at least I tried another avenue.

As I banged my head on the proverbial nail in the wall wondering how the heck I'm going to do pay for school this year, and my son's (did I mention he's now decided that he'd like to attend the university on part-time basis to prove he's worthy of admission?)... I digress... as I was wondering, a woman walked by me, limping,  The shuffling sound of her feet were easily noticeable.

I turned to ask her if she was alright.  She was deaf.  No one was helping her.  I don't sign... other than, "I love you" to my son.  So, through written paper and hand signals, I got her to where she needed to be ~ the health clinic which was the opposite direction of where she wanted to go.  In helping her, she asked what I taught at the school.  I giggled, motioned that I was not a teacher... I'm a student.

As we walked the sidewalk to the clinic, the conversation meandered to my path.  Hard to walk and write at the same time but somehow we managed.  I told her I was still trying to do the unthinkable at an age where ... well, I've heard "No" a lot in my life, and suspect I may well hear it many more times from schools.  Possibly even before I apply.

Anyway, she said thanks for helping her.  That much I understand in sign.  Then she furrowed her brow and said,

"Don't quit."

I won't... as long as a contract comes up soon, or I am able to squeak under the aggregate loan limits for funding.

Gah.  If only 28 years ago, I'd been this dedicated.

Make it a great day!  I'm going to bed now to dream of grant funding and scholarships :D

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jenbarthe said...

She's right, you shouldn't quit. Everything happens for a reason. You'll be a much different doctor in your 50's than you would have been in your 20's. Your patients will trust you more and you'll be better at understanding their needs as you've had a ton of life experiences. Everything will work out for the best.