Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, while perusing this site:

Mastering Organic Chemistry

I found this site:

Pre Med Wiki

The PreMed Wiki site appears at first glance to be a pretty solid site for testing and prepping for the MCAT.  While I have the entire EK set, I'm thinking once I get really started on preparing for the test, I could go to Wiki Pre Med.

Guess you know what your dorky blogger is doing this fine, amazing, wonderfully fallish afternoon!

I really hope I'm able to officially register again... with all the help that is out there, and my own sheer determination to do well, I have no doubt o-chem would not best me!


Slamdunk said...

Nothing wrong with being productive on a nice cool afternoon...

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you found the site helpful. If you know of any other pre-med resources I could put on the sidebar, let me know! - James