Sunday, October 17, 2010

Africa Question

A reader happening upon my blog WHO WAS NOT AFRAID TO ASK A QUESTION, inquired if I had actually made it to Ghana as I had hoped back in May.

Sadly, the answer is no.

My friend from high school was in charge of something-or-other of the embassy there.  While I had hoped to work it out for me to be in clinics, somethings in life never change and he is one of them :)

For better or worse, he has always been supremely unreliable; and despite that we have grown up over the past 30 years, he is still as charming as ever and ... still unreliable.  When I realized I could easily dump the money into airline tickets, hotels only to find myself alone in an uncharted country, I did not go.

Will I try to get to Africa at some point?  Absolutely!  I'm hoping to go yet next year - maybe take in Tanzania, or Mozambique, or even South Africa.  It'd be awesome if I could twist together some volunteer time in the country of choice - clinics, home building or repairing, or even just reading to sick kids.

Thank you to the reader for asking! 

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