Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Movie - Not Oscar Worthy

But OMG... PERFECT for a solid, well acted, funny throughout tummy tickler.

Life As We Know It was the perfect remedy for a bland night.  I laughed, there appeared to be dust in the theater as my eyes watered at one point, I howled at many others, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Might I add, that I graduated from a high school in North Dakota.  Where the heck was Josh Duhamel back then?  Ohhh, Fergie, he is sublime!  Back to the movie:

It opens with a solid snort and belly chuckle, and ends with a misty, heart warming sonnet.

The only part that was a tad - looking for the words here - too close to home, was the part about the doctor entering into Katherine Heigl's character's life while the man she really wants is elsewhere, trying to sort out his manly feelings, chasing after his own career in a different city, eventually, missing her.

Anyway, go see this movie too!

(and no, this is not my new profession and manner of helping people; there are enough movie critics out there, I need not add to the myriad of yacking typists... erm, critics - just keeping myself busy whilst I sort out where I go from where I was)

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