Monday, October 18, 2010

Electrons & Ochem & Physics, Oh My!

Yeay! I LOVE being asked questions and thus be able to pontificate :P  Thanks to another reader, unafraid to ask me something!

So, a reader asked why doctors need to know about electrons and o-chem and other such matters.

Great question because obviously, no doctor has ever sat with his patient and said, "Now look. The reason the penicillin medication works is because the 90 degree angle on the beta lactam ring breaks apart under the stress of the bacteria trying to eat it.  The resulting reaction creates an energy response and chemical imbalance which then permeates the bacteria and stops the bacteria from being able to replicate its cell wall."

Patients would eye roll.

Like you just did.

My beliefs are this regarding ochem, physics, and general chemistry:

1) general chemistry is required to understand organic chemistry and the rates at which reactions occur to which still leads to /eyeroll and /facepalm (yes, I'm a gamer... shhhh)

2) organic chemistry is required to understand biochemistry which is useful in treating and understanding the pathology of diseases and potential migratory paths for whatever ails said patients; which leads to a /barf (yes, still a gamer)

3) physics, to me, is the root of all the sciences and helps in understanding chemistry, electron orbitals were not discovered nor explained by chemists but by physicists; going full circle to /eyeroll and /facepalm

4) because how in the heck else would medical schools easily dismiss otherwise very qualified candidates from even getting into the "box" for review purposes

I don't truly believe the classes are weeder; more that the classes become so because students become less focused on the end goal and entirely focus on why they hate o-chem, and physics. I know 20 years ago that is what happened to me (and my own son's death); now realizing how short time is, and how much I need those classes to understand, I don't mind them so much.

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