Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oscar Buzz Attention - Secretariat

Best Picture:  Secretariat

Best Actor: John Malkovich

Best Actress:  Diane Lane


Generally, I like animal movies but find them droll, long-in-the-tooth, too emotional, too sappy, and entirely too... yuck. 

Secretariat, the movie like the namesake, is far from any of those terms.  While I hate horse racing with a passion (thanks to Ruffian), Secretariat makes one forget the horrors that befall jockeys and the steads they ride upon ...  One movie reviewer in Orlando said there were no lump in the throat moments for this movie to be Oscar worthy.  I disagree that in order to be nominated for an Oscar a movie must be equated to lumps, bumps, and/ or tear jerkers.  No wonder America is seen as emotionally destitute and intellectually stymied.  We pick the best and brightest based upon our thorax and Adam's apple?

Sometimes, and in this case, a movie just needs to tell a story with grace and eloquence.  Which Secretariat does with great affectation.  The movie did not need to be "Hollywoodized" - it is priceless as is because of the horse; because of the owner; because of the story itself.

The movie said Secretariat never gave up running.  He just never gave up.  I believe he is still the only horse buried at Churchill Downs - the site of the Kentucky Derby.  As he should be...

Yep, best movie of the year, with twitches/grimaces/bad hats, and all - John Malkovich for best actor, and Diane Lane for her portrayal as the loving, doting horse owner.

Go see it. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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