Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Realizing Why Some Pre Meds Fade Away

I often wondered why some premed blogs do not post once they decide for whatever reason they are not going to get into or even try to get into, medical school.

It tastes like failure!  Who wants to somewhat anonymously announce their med school dream is dead?

Well, mine may very well be.

I'm not in school this semester.  I hate that.  I hate that I can't find a job, or that a job sounds really promising right through the interview where I'm told like Simon that I'm getting passed to next round, only to be told that I'm not being considered anymore.  Not sure what changes with that process but apparently, my name is still crap around this small market town.

Saw Wall Street this weekend.  Fabulous line in it reminded me of my own life:

I'll make you a deal.  You quit telling lies about me, and I'll quit telling the SEC about you.

Makes sense, eh?

So, I've changed the title of the blog to what happens after one quits being on the path.  If it weren't for money, I'd not quit but there is no funding available, I cannot get a job although in the 3 years since I told my employer to restate their financial reports to the SEC, I've applied for almost 500 positions... all denials.

I'm a survivor and this too shall pass.  I'll find another way to help people; just not sure how or where or what professional degree that will be in.

Stay tuned...


Beth said...

I'm sorry you are giving up. Just take some time and reflect on what will make you happy. There are other jobs out there related to the medical field that may fill (or fuel, you choose) your passion.

Please take time to reflect! Maybe research? Maybe P.A. (after some clinical experience, I believe). Maybe lab work? Research assistant?

Good luck!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I have not choice but to give up.

No money = no school.

It is not a choice, I just don't have the capability to pay for school... let alone rent, electricity, and food.

SeaSideRobin said...

What about taking 1-2 years off and saving up some money? Or is there a way to go to school part-time?

I'm sure you've probably looked at a lot of different funding options... are there no student loans available in your state/province/area?

In any case, whatever you decide, good luck!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I have explored taking time off but I need to get a job to be able to save.

Right now, I'm in survival mode, trying to figure out how I will pay December's rent. As of mid-November, I will have no unemployment left nor will I have any savings remaining.

Funding for non-trads is good, as long as you have not used anything before and have room under the cap.

I am exploring programs such as masters and PhD to see about being able to slide in underneath those gaps... but that is somewhat tricky...

This blog will remain open and I will continue to post. There are many pre-meds who decide not to pursue medical school for whatever reasons they have... grades, MCAT, interest; mine is funding the pre med path.

It was once suggested I keep the blog open so

1) people stopping the path know they are not alone

2) people realize there is a life after being a pre-med

Old MD Girl said...

I'm confident that you'll find something else. Chin up.

Elizabeth said...

I am sorry that this has happened.

Slamdunk said...

Sorry this is happening. I recently had to let a career dream die as well--money was not the issue, but family needed me to play another role.

I hope another alternative will present itself soon, and you'll be able to have options.

An Aspiring Doc said...

Hi, I found you blog about a month ago. I am starting down the non-traditional pre-med path now. I read your blog from the beginning first until the most recent. I am sorry that you can't continue pursuing your dream right now, but I hope you can someday. You're an inspiration. I am sure you will achieve what you set out to.