Monday, November 15, 2010

A Card & Writing

This was an exercise in compassion beyond what I've normally had to work with.

Generally, when I've sent "Think of you" cards they have been to an elderly person that I've known all my life, or friends of my parents... I've never had to send one to someone nearer my own age.

What does one say when the only information gleaned is from a post on another site, very divergent from a normal reading spot? What if the information is false? Or it is just blatantly wrong? What if he really is okay? What if the poster just wanted to create drama when there really is none?

What if, I never wrote and it was all true?

So, I happened to have a card, with a great dane on it, looking in a door asking how things were... poetic, I suppose. And I wrote. And to make sure I did not waste another chance, I stamped it and sent it.

I hope that the poster was wrong. But in my heart, I know it is true.

And today, it felt good to take the high road and leave the past behind... which I generally do anyway.

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