Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cave

I often refer to the house in which we live as "The Cave" even when giving people directions to it... fourth house on the right, reminds you of a cave.

Well, not really but in many ways yes: the drafty windows, the doors that don't shut tight to the outdoors, leaking basement replete with centipedes (house centipedes are very different far more disgusting than those you find in the garden; trust me on that). Yes, I wrote an email asking for repairs... won't go there.

Anyway, following a People story on David Arquette's drinking over the last weekend (and wondering why he is soooo stupid; seriously, married to Courtney and you act like "THAT?"), which brought me to his Twitter account and the pictures (seriously, he should engage Skankalina's PR reps NOW!!!), which brought me to a company that wants to build houses of the future.

Upscale. Ermm...


Yes, you can read about it here,   http://blogs.forbes.com/kymmcnicholas/2010/11/19/names-you-need-to-know-in-2010-binishells/

and see the other conceptual designs for our future.

Won't you join me?  In the cave???

haha ~ Make it a great day, chase your dream!


SeaSideRobin said...

I get house centipedes in my bsmt appartment too... creepy little buggers.

Don't know why anyone would want to pay big money to live in a dark gloomy cave house.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Nothing like flicking on the light and having a 6 inch "feather" walking up the wall, eh?

In my case, our landlord refuses to spray for them... just disgusting on many fronts.

But yeah, I cannot imagine living in one of those Portland Cement caves... especially when the winter blows in and the sun and snow and cave tops would reflect the sun... a

oooooh, a laser ray from them!

Sci fi at its best (and yes, I'm rambling and yes, my ADHD just kicked in!)

Penelope said...

Skankalina...LOL...I will never believe her pregnancy with 'the twins' was for real!

Slamdunk said...

Wild idea with the cave.

Ha, I am trying to imagine me telling the Mrs. that I need to go mow the roof of our cave.