Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Delight

While my son played his video game, I watched old FRIENDS episodes on DVD. Had forgotten how really, really funny they are... gut busting, hilarity; enormously compassionate, and yes, I still love Rachel.

As the episodes went from one to the next, my son quit paying attention to his video game... and started watching. He was howling with me as Ross turned into a tanomaniac, or Joey tried to undo Rachel's bra, or ...

What great fun that show was! I'm reminded all the time how great television can be, and how great some of those actors are.

Jennifer Aniston does not get the credit she deserves. I read stories about her and can't help but think that inside Rachel was Jennifer's own heart and soul. As I watched last night in lines said to Joey (Matt LeBlanc), I wondered if she already knew what was going on during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith... if she was method acting herself at that moment.

She, Jennifer, also carried herself with such high regard. No matter what smattering of lies came out in the press, or presumably behind closed doors, she moved ahead and said nothing. Her actions said it all... she would not get sucked into the mire that was created by those with big PR machines. She would be true to herself, and to her friends.

Back to the DVDs tonight (yes, I am THAT boring right now...)

Make it a great night and a better tomorrow!


Penelope said...

For some reason, I've always really liked Jennifer Aniston - even when I haven't enjoyed her movies.

The grace with which she handled her marriage breakdown still inspires me.

I was just reading your blog back a few entries and although time has passed, I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, Storm.

Dogs are really special, aren't they? Looking at what you've written about him, I'm sure Storm knew how much he was loved.

A Doc 2 Be said...

The only movie of hers that I thoroughly enjoyed was Marley & Me...

Her movies are not great but I think it is not her acting, I think the scripts that are given to her kind of lack something ... and I sense, she is not the kind of egoist to demand something be changed.

A friend of mine wrote a movie some years ago that was originally written for Robert De Niro. He canceled to do another movie (Raging Bull, I think) and the script was re-written for Bruce Willis (co-starring SJP). Anyway, the script HAD to be rewritten because the tone and linguistics of the script did not fit Bruce. I think it was a demand.

Jennifer does not appear to be that kind of person. Demanding of others to suit her ego.

And yes, grace defines her. As much as less refined terms define the other person.

Thank you for the kind comments about Storm... his video is almost done and I will be posting it here. Just waiting on some final pictures to be reproduced, and the music added.

Storm was something else... there have been other dogs, other great danes, but Storm...

Penelope said...

We lost our dog (Elliott) two years ago. He was a magical little guy. He was what I would call an 'old soul'. I still find it hard to look at his pictures, it hurts so much to miss him. It's brave of you to make a video - I look forward to seeing it when it's finished.

I've never seen Marley & Me, but will keep an eye out for it. I heard it was sad.

As for the 'other person', I agree, much less nice terms to define her. I probably have a bizarre fixation with their love triangle, but if you're going to be home sick for a few years, what better to do with your time than keep up on celebrity gossip...

*tongue planted firmly in cheek*