Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Dad

Thanksgiving was kind of fun this year at my parents' house in the small village along the meandering river.  Mom did a bang-up job of cooking, the chocolate pie that I stab my son to stay away from (I know, I should not admit that on a public forum but it is no longer considered child abuse to stab him when he leers at my slice), and of course, I'm completely stuffed.

Conversation roamed from Oprah (who cares) and how much money she gives away all the time (yeah, so what, I appreciate those who have less and give away more with NO PR), and then onto my dad's life.

Apparently, my dad needs new glasses and they cannot afford them or the visit to the eye doctor.  My dad is 80.

Apparently, my dad is also not hearing well and they cannot afford the hearing aid either altho, knowing my dad's stubbornness, he probably would not wear it anyway.

His doctor left the clinic last summer (same one I shadow) and while he doesn't know it, that doctor is not keen on elderly patients because he feels so helpless to help them.  Part of aging is losing the memory, is having shaky hands, is the loss of hearing and obviously, loss of sight.  I want to get him to a geriatric specialist and while I know of one, the word, "AWKWARD" does not sum it up quite well enough if I were to send my dad there ... despite that he is a phenomenal physician and specializes in the elderly.

But I think, my Christmas gift to my dad is going to be a vision certificate to somewhere I can get him new glasses and new sight.  He LOVES to read so I'm going to buy him a new book or two to use with those new glasses.  My contract starts soon and while I have no idea of its length, I know the warmth I will feel providing something so necessary for my dad who would do anything for me.  Glasses seem to pale in that light, eh?

This year I'm thankful I still have my dad.  If you scroll back to some of my first posts, I talk openly about this daughter's affection for the best father ever.  My dad is amazing... and maybe with a little help from me, he'll be able to see me better!  Of course, then maybe he'll wish he could go back to his other glasses and see me in more blurry haze.

Make it a great day - hope your Thanksgiving was just as filling and fulfilling as mine!


Old MD Girl said...

At 80, your dad might need an eval by an ophthalmologist rather than an optomtrist. Perhaps get him a certificate for that instead?

A Doc 2 Be said...

Good point, well taken.

How does one exactly ask an MD for a gift certificate?

Old MD Girl said...

I don't know. Maybe just pay the bill for your dad once it arrives?

A Doc 2 Be said...

They (Mom and Dad) won't go unless it is already paid for.

I'm thinking of calling the clinic near their small town and tell them the situation and see what they would suggest.

My contract starts on Monday, it goes for 4 - 6 weeks, possibly longer or turning full time. Either way, I'll have the money to help him; just need to figure out the means.

Thank you so much for the kind suggestion. Anyone who has ever met my dad (well, they've put articles in the newspapers about him), loves him.

Such a kind, generous, loving, supportive, amazing soul.

Penelope said...

My husband and I were able to make a deal with a non-insured physician to see a family member as a 'special favour' for us. We paid for the consultation in advance. He would have been too proud to accept help any other way.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you, Penelope.

That's what I'm thinking. Pay for the exam, then get a certificate that I can give him, that way he cannot refuse...

If I can, will do the same thing for Valentine's Day with his hearing. He LOVES music but can't hardly hear it anymore.

Danielle said...

That's wonderful!! It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you can get him what he needs. Maybe you could tell them it's paid for ahead of time, but just have them send you the bill and then pay for it then. That way he can see an MD?? Who knows.

Keep us updated on that, though!