Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow, Cold, Stalled

There are not many times, and only one that I can really remember, that I've owned up to where I live.  Done partially to protect the very guilty (you know who you are) and partially to protect the others (ala me!).  But tonight, I am giving a very healthy and warranted "SHOUT OUT" to:

Inver Grove Ford-Lincoln-Mercury in Minnesota.

Website is here:  http://invergrove.dealerconnection.com/?lang=en

Specifically, I want to mention the service department and Jerry, the "runner" for their help.  I owe them more, I hope they find the cookies I drop off tasty enough!

It is about 19 degrees here in Minneapolis.  The wind coming out of the west dips the windchill (that is what the air temp feels like for those of you in sunnier/warmer climates) to about -10 below zero.  It is bone chilling out, especially in the wind.  With the light snow blowing in, being stranded in a broken down vehicle was absolutely miserable.

The Minnesota Highway patrol passed me leading a semi tractor the opposite direction.  I hoped it would not be long until help arrived.  I was getting cold.  My blue satin pumps with strappy heals not quite keeping my feet warm, the black wool coat barely keeping my body heat in as the temperature sank in my truck.  Ten minutes passed.  I listened the radio, without heat, and watched the time.

6:12 PM

Another 10 minutes passed and the truck was getting colder.  I was a little nervous.  The cell phone not working, no heat in the car, no other blankets or mittens or boots to put on, I considered walking up the hill, on the interstate, crossing the interstate during rush house, walking another 1/2 mile to the gas station at the top of hill except that my gas gauge before the truck died said 1/4 tank... and then also realized, in dark blue pants, dark coat I would be a walking dead woman.

So, I waited.

6:25 PM a truck with flashing yellow lights showed up.  MN DoT supervisor on patrol, monitoring our highways during the ice "event" making sure traffic was moving and roads were driveable.

He couldn't help.  He called a first helper.

Sitting in my cold truck, now without radio, I wondered how much longer I'd be cold.

6:45 the first helper showed up.  That's what they call the helpers on the road here in Minnesota.

Getting out of his truck he looked at my gas portal and said without the funnel supplied with the vehicle, he could not help me either.  He looked in the back area, opened the hatch, and it was gone.  He asked what he could do to help at that point, I asked if we could call a dealership and ask them for a funnel.  The one I purchased my BRAND NEW vehicle from (actually Dad did for me), was 30 miles north.

First Helper gave me the State cell phone to call Inver Grove Ford-Lincoln-Mercury.  I was not optimistic, yet I was hopeful.  Maybe on this very cold night in the snow, they'd understand my plight and offer to help.  He let me stay warm in the truck.  I never told him my feet were numb and not warming up, I was thankful I was inside something with heat!

My shock when the dealership said they'd send Jerry.

I did not buy my truck there.

I do not service my truck there.

But you can believe, anyone and everyone that I know looking for a vehicle will get sent there now.

If they go that far out of their way to help someone who is not a customer, I cannot imagine how much they will do for one that is.

Too bad, I'm not able to buy one right now, or you know where I'd be...


And that, as Paul Harvey used to say, is the rest of the story!

Make yours a great day and a finer tomorrow!!!

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Slamdunk said...

Glad you are ok and that your story had a happy ending with the dealer's help.

That would be a nerve-racking situation.