Friday, December 31, 2010


2nd worst year of my life and I could dwell there, but won't.

What am I thankful for after this year has flown by?

  1. Garret is home, where he should be.
  2. Sir Hawtsalot came into my life and showed me that no matter my circumstance, I'm still lovable.
  3. Storm's recovery showed me I can cope with just about anything; his death likewise.  How I made it through that, I do not honestly know.
  4. My study skills and habits are much stronger than they ever needed to be and I can get solid As.

What am I looking forward to in 2011?

  1. Getting back to school at some point and finishing my pre-reqs.  The funky MD in another school can kiss my ass, I may have to apply to Caribbean schools but so the "f" what... at the end of my tenure there, I'll still be an MD able to practice in the United States as a fully licensed physician.  And then again, I may just be accepted here in the U.S.
  2. Finding a contract that makes the above possible.  After three years of the worst recession in almost everyone's memory, I truly believe 2011 will be the turning point and I will find the resources necessary to get the above done.  Cannot wait!
  3. Garret starting his own path to engineering school (MIT - be on the look out, he's coming your way in 2013).
  4. Being able to take my parents on a vacation.  Turns out when I traveled extensively in my last life, the points are still on Marriott (THANK YOU MOTHER MARRIOTT!!!) and I have a week in a very warm, tropical location paid for with the points in a JW Marriott.
  5. And last, I look forward to reconnecting with Sir H.  A great man, an even better father, and someone whom I've been lucky enough to call ...

Happy New Year everyone!