Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great Convo At Clinic Today

Found a minute clinic, not quite called that but the idea is the same.  I was expecting to pay about $200 to be seen by doctor so I've been waiting while the pain in my back flank gets worse.  Without more TMI, there were more symptoms that were getting worse as well.  And then, I saw blood.

So, I rapidly found a clinic and sat with the man who wore the official badge.  He asked me what I thought my counts might be and I told him.  The only thing I was wrong about was my blood count - it was higher than expected and not in the way that normally might be thought of as good.

Anyway, we were chatting.  He asked how I knew lab reports, etc.  I told him my experience with Storm and that I had been hoping to get through pre-reqs and admitted to medical school but that it was looking more obscure right now.

He is a PA.  He said he wished he'd have gone a different route and understood my itch - that volunteering, and helping and assisting doesn't scratch.  He said he would tell me to not stop, that no matter my age, I'll get in somewhere. 

Then he mentioned his attending.  She's 56.  She started med school at?


And then, I smiled broadly.

To top that off, my son sent me a song about brick walls and not stopping.  haha.

I get it.  I don't want to stop.  I don't have the means right now to continue.  So, I'll consider it a way point on my path and nothing more :)

Make it a great day!


Slamdunk said...

Your tenacity is inspring. I need to hear those stories more and appply them to my own life.

Doctor Blondie said...

Cheers to that.

I'm one of the lucky ones who got into med school (EU system) 3 months after my 18th birthday.
There are several 'older' students at my uni, the eldest in my year started at 30.
At the UK med school there were even more older students.

Don't give up.

Speculative Speculum said...

Definitely keep going. People are living longer and are required to work until a greater age. I think that we are going to see many career changers.

I hope that 30 is not "old!" lol :)

putnam2800 said...

I have to agree with Slamdunk. Very inspiring. It was good to click on your posts again, reminds me that I need to dig deeper for the ambition that I once had and forge ahead.