Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pediatric Oncology

Many ask what field in medicine I want practice with excited looks on their faces. Apparently, they want to hear neurosurgery, or orthopedics, or ob/gyn, or EM. It is an odd feeling when I tell them and their eyes look downward, their mouths unsure of what to say next so they more than often mumble, "Why that?!" as if there is something wrong with wanting to help the children, and their parents, through the most difficult times of their respective lives.

Because I can, is all that comes to mind.  Because... I have to.  Because that God of mine, gave me a heart so large, it loves everyone (well, most everyone!), and feels the compassion toward helping the kids.  Because, I've lost one of my own.  Because, I understand the agony, the panic, the fear, the hopelessness... and the hope.

As I have done every year since I started this blog, I'm doing it again this year... posting a link so you can donate to St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Donate now and help the children of St. Jude

Please consider donating. If you have followed my blog you know my own story. Last week my parents visited the food shelf to get food for my son and I . And yet this week, as my last unemployment rolled in, I started a new contract. Will be getting my first paycheck in two weeks... and I'm donating.

When I'm asked why pediatric oncology and I start with "Because" I end with "Why not? Each day these kids and their parents get to spend together is one more day than they might not have had. Is it not worth it to try?"

To me it is. I would give anything and everything to have had one more day with Austin.

Make it a great day - click the link. $2, $3, $5 or more... just give. Please?


Danielle said...

That (and Peds Cardiology) is one of the fields high on my list and I know the exact look you're describing.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Unfortunately, with my age, the likelihood of me getting into med school is pretty small; and the probability of me completing a fellowship of ped onc at the age of 57, even smaller.

However, should I get into med school, then I'm thinking as a physician I can attend the grand rounds, seminars and conferences of ped onc, and onc.

My best to you - hope you make it!!

Aneesa said...

Whenever I answer that question, no matter what field of medicine I say, I get negative reactions. "The hours are dreadful for ObGyn" or "Do you really want to deal with screaming kids all day?" There's a point where you just have to block out what others say and do what you want to do. Best of luck with your journey to medical school!