Monday, January 31, 2011


He survived surgery and as of 4 AM this morning was angry he was on a ventilator.

Good signs of progress! 

Not out of the woods.  And for his privacy sake, I won't discuss what happened but...

I was, an am, scared.  Maybe this is one of those times I wish I weren't trying to become a doc because I know just enough to know some things, and not enough to know others... all of which leaves me a bit scared.

Good thing I can call anytime to talk to the very awesome folks at Mayo and let them tell me instead of me just worrying.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Then There Is My Dad

Hoist a soft prayer for him.  He was life-flighted to Mayo this morning.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old People - Regrets & How To Be Remembered?

Yesterday in the morning an elderly man of about 93 passed away with his step-daughter at his side.  His wife of 38 years had just left to go home from the hospital for a quick nap.

His brother is pushing 81.  That is the only surviving member of the three brother family now.  When questioned about how he was doing, his wife said he was fine.  He'd seen it coming and the brother who had passed was increasingly bitter after a 93+ year life full of bitterness.

The story made me question the length of one's life vs the quality of it.  It also made me question how best to be remembered.

My uncle was nasty.  The last conversation with him this past November was surly.  He said I did not know my father and that my father was an uproarious drunk and womanizer.  I laughed at first trying to brush it off as the dementia settling inside his head but then he pushed further.  He went on to exclaim that my father had serially cheated on my mom saying he heard this from my eldest brother.

Yes, we probably DO belong on the Jerry Springer show but I digress.

After trying to change the subject a few times, redirect it to neutral topics and he then went on to bash the United States (he married a Canadian), and when he returned to bashing my father with vitriol that is unbecoming anyone let alone family, I politely hung up on him.

My mother was in tears when I said that I was thankful she let me know but that honestly, I was not going to miss someone who had created such nasty memories.  I don't care if the individual was family or not.

My immediate family is more important to me.  My dad, my son, and my mother.

So, I'm not sure if it was good that he is now remembered for his nasty last conversations?  or his bitterness?  or the length of his life.

I hope that the genes that caused him to be so intrinsically bitter and age with such acrimony that no one wanted to be around him, skip me.

That, or someone helps me stop being nasty with a nice little doseage of sleep meds.

I would rather be remembered as someone who did good for others in a shorter life.

Than someone who took everything, spewed sewage, and lived to push 100.

At any rate, Godspeed, Uncle Bud.  I hope you find the peace in heaven that you never had or shared here on earth.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Supply Chain - Logistics

Little did I know that conversations on a boat in the middle of a grand lake would play into my current role.  How I wish I'd listened more intently to the description of 3PL, global forwarding, monitoring, routing, and billing.  At the time, I was most interested in helping develop a marketing campaign for a career that was diverging into a new area.

So, here I am, entrenched in 3PL and finding a new software system for transportation routing... and the supply chain itself.

Best part is that I'm learning.  Other best part?  Some of the past summer's conversations are becoming clearer...

Oh and what does this have to do with the blog name change?

I'm back in school because I'm learning how to tie supply chain to routing which pays me to go to school and continue to chase the dream.
More to come...

Friday, January 21, 2011


At least it was not shoe pair #7, or boot pair #2, or ...

My gosh, I LOVE Sir Bentley!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sir Bentley & The Cat

He laid on the floor.  He sized him up.  Sauntering away, the cat peered backward over his shoulder and left the scene of the enormous dog lying quietly and patiently in doggy-down position.

Later, while looking at collars, toys, and yes - more treats, the cat came back.

Sir Bentley laid on the floor again, only to have the cat walk up to him and sniff.  It was over very quickly.  (Kind of like the last two years, actually - where did that time go???)

That was as exciting as it got.  Sir Bentley is so very well behaved, and such a love...

YES!  Pix to come soon.  :)

Make it a great day!

P.S.  Ochem started today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Okay, It Is Official

He is mine.  Love him, and it shall always be that way despite the torn down comforter, the shredded squeaky toys, the electronic cords tucked into a wicker basket chewed to pieces, the toys strewn about the house, and the gnarled shoes... he is mine...

I have seen many sides of people and this particular side, I hope to never see again.  It is ugly, it was unnecessary, it was beyond cruel.

So, instead of ruminating in that quagmire of crap I will instead rejoice in the homecoming of my new beloved:


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting Inauguration

So, the great state that I live in elected new officials and whether one agrees with the politics or not, the parties for the inauguration are always fun.  Ten or so years ago, I went to one for the state and one for the national leadership.  Younger and more fit, less wrinkles, I found myself among slimy toads who were looking for their princess.  Hence, I started wearing my infamous "wolf" ring.  Tonight, my son donned a pair of dress pants, stark white shirt, fashionable tie, and dress shoes as he walked me into the ball.

Can I say that he was dapper??  :)

I also met some very awesome people, who may be reading this now.  And I guess this is my shout-out to them:

IF you read through the blog you will see that only once do I mention the great state we all share and love.  Only once do I mention anyone by identifiable name and when mentioned is it only with the most deference and respect that I can muster.

My parents once told me that if I could not say something nice about people. to keep my mouth shut.  I try to live by that credo and exemplify it to my son.

So, if you are reading this, and you met me tonight, and you heard my story and my blogspot title, your privacy is and will remain, protected.  Just like HIPAA for patients, I will never, ever divulge who you are or what we discussed.  Sort of like an unwritten code of conduct expected of executives all over this great country of ours.

It was truly a pleasure!

Welcome :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Venture

Many years ago, mid-80s (eeek, I'm old), I was engaged to do a marketing campaign for a soda called, "Slice" which was launched by Pepsi to counter 7-up and Coca Cola's product, "Sprite".

While the campaign was only for the local metro area, I did everything from the posters, ads, copy writing, launch party and follow up surveys (these were back in the day of letters - you know, snail mail???)

Anyway, for years I have been noodling over starting my own marketing company.  Given I am in the process of becoming Google certified, it was time to seriously consider it... stoke the coals, strike the fire.  There was a point last fall where I'd looked at some marketing positions and that led me to other avenues but I guess the point of all this, and thanks to my good friend LeeAnn who has launched her own company (go go girl power!!!),

I've launced my own company to provide marketing, advertising, and analytical support to medical companies be they hospital, clinic, medical insurance, pharmaceutical, medical device, or nutriceutical companies.

My clients in the past have included:

Eli Lilly

and a few more companies that for my own privacy's sake, I'm not mentioning publicly.  The ones above are large enough that any stalkers on here would be hard pressed to find me there.

If you would like to view the website, provide constructive feedback, helpful encouragement, or generally poke fun at me, write me here:  (or if you already know my real addy, contact me there) and I'll give you the real site.  The site will be up by tonight and I will have Garret continue to hone it for me (he is part stakeholder now - oh, by the way Garret, if you are reading this?  Welcome to org!)

THIS is a way to a means if it gets even limited contracts.  I am NOT giving up my dream.

Some people dream.  Some people do.

Chase yours!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ochem and Physics.  Everything else is done :)

Sooo... looking into my magic crystal ball:

ochem this semester, physics over the summer, MCAT in August, late app in August?


I could take physics next year, slow and steady, take extra biochem and genetics classes, apply in 2012?

eek... that scares me tho.  I'd be almost 48.

(edited to add)

And I'm volunteering for the American Red Cross eventually being trained, I hope, to head overseas when disasters strike.  It is a long process to get to that point, part of a journey that I hope includes me adding some fancy initials at the end of my name.

Oh, and I'm publicly speaking on behalf of the Ronald McDonald houses.  Given my propensity for the gift of gab, it fits nicely with my overall approach and medical field of interest AND my personality.

2011 IS going to be a banner year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It is possible

That given the new year, with a little bit of help from the university, I will be back in school.

Only one class.  Working full time.  Helping my son with his first full time semester in 6 years.

But, one class :D 

omgosh - I am so hopeful!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nothing To Do With Pre-Med

Sometimes, for new followers, I just post videos that make me smile and remember to be happy.

This is one - David Guetta's, "Memories"