Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting Inauguration

So, the great state that I live in elected new officials and whether one agrees with the politics or not, the parties for the inauguration are always fun.  Ten or so years ago, I went to one for the state and one for the national leadership.  Younger and more fit, less wrinkles, I found myself among slimy toads who were looking for their princess.  Hence, I started wearing my infamous "wolf" ring.  Tonight, my son donned a pair of dress pants, stark white shirt, fashionable tie, and dress shoes as he walked me into the ball.

Can I say that he was dapper??  :)

I also met some very awesome people, who may be reading this now.  And I guess this is my shout-out to them:

IF you read through the blog you will see that only once do I mention the great state we all share and love.  Only once do I mention anyone by identifiable name and when mentioned is it only with the most deference and respect that I can muster.

My parents once told me that if I could not say something nice about people. to keep my mouth shut.  I try to live by that credo and exemplify it to my son.

So, if you are reading this, and you met me tonight, and you heard my story and my blogspot title, your privacy is and will remain, protected.  Just like HIPAA for patients, I will never, ever divulge who you are or what we discussed.  Sort of like an unwritten code of conduct expected of executives all over this great country of ours.

It was truly a pleasure!

Welcome :D

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NP Odyssey said...

Kind of sad that people can't just be involved in the political process and let others practice their democratic freedoms.
I have my beliefs, but will not push them on others or as we saw this past weekend go to extremes.

In a free country we should not be trying to kill our politicians no matter where they walk to the left or right. If people don't like it become involved and vote.