Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Venture

Many years ago, mid-80s (eeek, I'm old), I was engaged to do a marketing campaign for a soda called, "Slice" which was launched by Pepsi to counter 7-up and Coca Cola's product, "Sprite".

While the campaign was only for the local metro area, I did everything from the posters, ads, copy writing, launch party and follow up surveys (these were back in the day of letters - you know, snail mail???)

Anyway, for years I have been noodling over starting my own marketing company.  Given I am in the process of becoming Google certified, it was time to seriously consider it... stoke the coals, strike the fire.  There was a point last fall where I'd looked at some marketing positions and that led me to other avenues but I guess the point of all this, and thanks to my good friend LeeAnn who has launched her own company (go go girl power!!!),

I've launced my own company to provide marketing, advertising, and analytical support to medical companies be they hospital, clinic, medical insurance, pharmaceutical, medical device, or nutriceutical companies.

My clients in the past have included:

Eli Lilly

and a few more companies that for my own privacy's sake, I'm not mentioning publicly.  The ones above are large enough that any stalkers on here would be hard pressed to find me there.

If you would like to view the website, provide constructive feedback, helpful encouragement, or generally poke fun at me, write me here:  (or if you already know my real addy, contact me there) and I'll give you the real site.  The site will be up by tonight and I will have Garret continue to hone it for me (he is part stakeholder now - oh, by the way Garret, if you are reading this?  Welcome to org!)

THIS is a way to a means if it gets even limited contracts.  I am NOT giving up my dream.

Some people dream.  Some people do.

Chase yours!!

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