Monday, January 24, 2011

Supply Chain - Logistics

Little did I know that conversations on a boat in the middle of a grand lake would play into my current role.  How I wish I'd listened more intently to the description of 3PL, global forwarding, monitoring, routing, and billing.  At the time, I was most interested in helping develop a marketing campaign for a career that was diverging into a new area.

So, here I am, entrenched in 3PL and finding a new software system for transportation routing... and the supply chain itself.

Best part is that I'm learning.  Other best part?  Some of the past summer's conversations are becoming clearer...

Oh and what does this have to do with the blog name change?

I'm back in school because I'm learning how to tie supply chain to routing which pays me to go to school and continue to chase the dream.
More to come...

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