Friday, February 18, 2011

Chemistry 101

I got this from OMDG a few months (EEEK - a year ago already??):

do the problems three times
make sure to understand the process for solving said problems

Sleep.  Eat.  Drink.  Get an "A"...

My son is not learning this.  Makes me natty in the head.  So dang smart.  So much exactly like ME!  I really hope he is not 45+ chasing his dream, and that he figures things out earlier to have all his dreams come true, on time, as they should.

BTW - the 2nd order from M&Ms was delivered for free with the paid price refunded.  Apparently, though it is regularly 25 F here, they marked the hard candies "Perishable" - Sir H's admin told him.  He knows... He is in Australia (yes, Sydney to my reader(s) there).

Bwahahaa - he does not "know" know tho - wait until the roast begins... to tell or not to tell. 

Hint or not to hint?

That is the question swirling in my brain right now.

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