Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Knew?

General chemistry revisited.  My first semester back seems so long ago and thankfully, some of the nonsense I put up with (and honestly, was too naive to know how to end it), is far behind me.

So is my memory of some things:

orbital spin
PV=nRT (okay, I have not forgotten that part)
hybrid orbit

Thankfully, my son is taking chemistry this semester.  Kind of cool - almost like a built-in refresher course for when I hopefully take the MCAT (next May, if you're wondering, as in May2012).  As my date has been now pushed off by two full years from inception, it is going to be less about my grades and more about remembering the stuff I knew.

I hope it's more like riding a bike, than relearning to play the flute or sax or piano.

And if not, I have a built-in!  "Mom, what forms at the top of an open flask when a kernel of popcorn bursts?"  And, "Is the kernel popping a chemical, physical or both transformation?"  Not to be outdone by, "Mom, if an electron falls from an outer ring orbit to an orbit closer to the nucleus, what is that called?"  Oh yes, I've gone from "Mom who knows squat!!" to "Mom who can help me get a great grade!"  (I like the latter!)

Make it a great day :)

(P.S.  Dad is doing pretty well - frail, but coherent and trying to be funny!)


Speculative Speculum said...

I'll be taken it the same time. I'd rather go through child birth again. The thought of the MCAT terrifies me. lol

You'll be fine. I admire you for your persistence! :)

Chief said...

keep up the good work and you'll "do".

PACSman said...

I'll never look at popcorn the same again...