Thursday, April 21, 2011


A 2nd language.An ability to communicate with people in their own language which has always seemed to me, to be paramount to understanding where another person is coming from intellectually and emotionally.

When I learned German, I learned about spaetzle and kugel and other assorted culturally related foods (BEER!  ALE!); I learned the history of the Black Forest and Munich and Berlin.  The arts were taught by using words to paint, and music to play.

Russian came easier.  Once the alphabet was learned the words were easy, grammar more simplistic than German, and less use of different cases... dative, genative, plurative, yuckative.

So, I work around two hearing impaired - deaf - women.  They are ALWAYS happy!  They always smile and wave when I see them, they showed me their badges so I can know their names.  I only see one other person in this very large company sign with them.

I think I'd like to make that four people who sign at the company.  So, I'm looking up classes to take to learn it.  The alphabet was learned in the 5th grade along with Pig Latin and Spanish  (yes, I've always liked linguistics; just like Uhura, Xenolinguistics!).

Can't hurt me if I ever get patients.  Can't hurt me if I just want to add another aspect of interest to my life.

Here's a link if you would like to do the same.  Easy phrases complete with video!


Beth said...

A very noble goal. I learned some sign language when I was younger as my God brother and wife were deaf. Just an FYI, the ALS has recently changed where most words only use one hand, not the former signing of using two hands.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you for letting me know. The two that I work near sign with both and ALWAYS smile and wave.

I want to, one day, sign something back and make them smile :)