Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come Some Saturday

I'll be able to see the sunshine, drive to the store and not realize something, someone, is missing. (I wrote that on October 30th, 2010.)

Every day, actually is like this. Every day, I wake up to the warmth of my own bed and realize the love who lies next to me, is not the love I took for walks, stroked his fur, or snuggled with.

Storm's bloat and torsion was a year ago. Seems incredibly long ago, and yet... oh, I don't know. I still miss him. His youtube video is yet to be finished. I can't. Well, I can, I don't want to. It means letting him go. Yes, just a dog, but my heart... and my soul died with him last October... Storm Trooper.

and yet, there is Bentley. Full of himself at almost 9 months, still intact, still full of puppy mischief, goofy antics that only great danes do, still not understanding he could jump on my bed rather than channel his inner Sir Mallory and climb.

If Storm was my heart and soul, Bentley is my heartmender. I tell him that often. I don't think he knows what I'm saying but I think he senses my heart.

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