Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Cannot Resist

Many years ago, maybe when many of you were youngsters - very youngsters - a sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld was winning rave reviews, lots of laughs, and launching many other stars.

I never cared for Seinfeld or his show.  After the poodle episode, I never watched again and of course, then "FRiENDS" took over (thank God!) and I was addicted to that.

Anyway, there was an episode about the time when Sponges (female contraceptives) were being taken off the shelf because some woman(en) claimed the sponges they used gave them various infections.  It doesn't help that they left them in places for days at a time.  Back in MY day, those were contraceptive of choice.

Elaine, the main female character on the show, had stock piled the contraceptives in her closet.  She dated and decided that she would keep dating a man if she deemed him sponge worthy.  It was hilarious! 

Anyway, my other post about my son's raiding in a game called "World of Warcraft" has prompted this post.

Raid worthy.

Many parents shun the video game world.  I well understand why.  I've seen everything from Call of Duty and its instant, graphic blood shed and violence, to Happy Feet with its penguins slip sliding on icebergs, to Battlefield, to Rift, to Bejeweled (I loved it first, I tell ya back in 2004).  I played Everquest with "Evil" in order to have some time with him, despite that it was in game instead of real life.  And Everquest morphed into a more cute game called, "World of Warcraft" otherwise, known as, WoW.

I left EQ to get away from "Evil" and liked Warcraft.  Having grown up in video arcade stores in the 70s and 80s, this was fun to play at home.  Cute animals, slaying bad demons, healing people (!!!), and getting "experience"

My son started to play here and there.  Evil had destroyed his self-esteem and the video game gave him a place to shine.

And he does.

When I traveled worldwide, I loaded up the game on my work laptop so that when I was in the Philippines or EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa for the non-business folks), I could log in online and play with my son.  He'd tank (keep the monsters from killing me) and I'd keep him alive (healer at your service).

I never worried about the impact of the game.  The graphics do not show bloodshed, the mobs killed are generally insidious looking, pretty yet disgusting.  I never worried about his time spent in the game talking to others because I had parental controls (hahahahaha).

Six years after the launch of the online game, we still play.  Ahem, he still plays.  I just log in.  He asks me to heal.  I say I have to eat.  He says eating is optional.  I say no it is not and that I'm no longer raid worthy.

He says I am raid worthy and know my class(es) well.  I did.  But something has changed.

My son has grown up and instead of following me to a guild, I've followed him.  He no longer needs me to find his friends in game or find a raid, he leads them now.  He no longer looks to me for support in game but now looks to me in real life.

Raid worthy.  I think I like that I am "Mom" worthy better.  I did what I could to sustain a relationship with my son for years while I was far flung across the globe.

What's the point of this post?  Not much.  :)

Make it a great day!


Lucky Jack said...

Hey! Just found your blog - very cool. I was on WOW for like 2 months about a while back. It was a blast, but then I had to quit to study MCAT etc. MCAT is now done, and I am feeling eerily drawn back...nooooo!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I was guilded with an AxylRose ...

You know... there is the "Refer a friend" thing :P

bwhahaaa - welcome to the dark side.... ooooh purrrr