Thursday, April 28, 2011

Junk Email Hits Home

Got a spam email today in my regular inbox. Was going to delete it. But it hit on a topic near and dear to me.

My post yesterday about liars was written in January after an incident with Bentley. My anger at the individuals in question still seethes under the surface apparently. Bentley is truly a godsend, my heart-mender, and a love.

But I hate liars. Tiny lies. Big lies. Indiscriminate lies. Stupid lies. I'm not talking about the lies where someone who should not be wearing spandex asks if they newly purchased spandex tights "make me look fat" and you respond, "No, they look awesome!" type lies; I'mt talking lies that destroy faith in other people, or in the case of my post, the lies around Bentley.

Today, I got a spam email. It was about relationships. It holds true for either gender but was written to a woman.

A man who lies a lot doesn’t just have a problem, he has a basic character flaw. Unless he is committed to changing this about himself he will just continue to lie and get away with whatever he can. A solid, loving relationship can not be built on lies and deceit.

If he lies about the important things just imagine what he does with the small things!

Yes. Exactly. And not just in romantic relationships, but in all relationships.

The rest of the piece is here:

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Red Stethoscope said...

Yep, I agree with the spam email too. Don't trust liars!