Friday, April 29, 2011

My Secret Fascination

started in 1981 when a then 19 year old, 3 years older than me, became engaged to the world's most eligible bachelor.  My parents told of my blue blood from Prussia (my great grandfather was a knight and an earl and the head of the Prussian guard), my dad has always called me PJ.  Family folklore, I say!

So, early one mornng with my then doubles partner, I got up, watched the wedding for hours, and then drove us to our tennis meet that day.  Tournaments were in full bloom, we were very, very good.  Formidable, you might say.  (We won.)

Then went home to watch more wedding coverage until our next day's tournament schedule started.

I came close to meeting Princess Diana when she was on Martha's Vineyard in 1994.  She was in a store nearby the Black Dog Tavern, but I didn't want to be "that" girl and pester her on vacation... I did not want to be "that" groupie and track her down.  I have all the magazines upon which she adorned the cover from 1981 forward and every book ever written on her.  The TY bears with the white rose insignia are with me as well.  My tiara sits on the one's head.

Wish I would have tried to meet her.  When she died... well, that was a horrific day.  For young women who looked up to a princess who humbled herself to humanity, for young women who's only other role models were skimpy (read: trashy) singers (think Madonna), for young women needing someone who they could relate to on a human level, Diana WAS and IS the queen of our hearts.  Always.

Today, her son... the one that could hardly look up as he walked behind the cortege carrying her casket, the one who held his mom's hand when she cried over the deceitfulness of his father... got married to a woman he adores.

I watched.  And was thrilled to see some slight things that reminded me that those who go before us, never truly leave.

William tucks his head to the left a bit.  Just like Diana.

William bites his upper lip a bit.  Just like Diana.

The engagement ring was worn by Kate on the way in on her left hand, disappeared during the ceremony (slight of hand while William held it at the alter?), and reappeared on the carriage ride back to Buckingham.  In spirit, Diana was there all day with them

William loves his new spouse.  Just like Diana.

Happily, William's new spouse loves him right back.  Unlike, sadly, Diana.

So, why at 46 did I watch?  Really?

The world needs a happy story right now with all the right touches of humanity; with the appropriate amount of elegance and pomp and circumstance.  The world needs a happy COUPLE to show the world that divorce and marriages of vanity and superficiality are not what the word entails.

This couple love each other through their quirks, their hardships, their breakup(s?), their laughter, their lives.

They are not only bringing a day of joy and hope to millions, they are bringing class, sophistication and elegance to a world trashing itself up pretty well.

I wish them the very best (not that they read here!).


K said...

well said. I watched, too. I just think there is one big difference there, though. Diana was of royal blood, Kate is a commoner. Big difference and hopefully will be a positive mix for the monarchy and England. However, they deserve to be happy, just like everyone else.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I think in many ways, Diana was never a royal. Yes, her father was an Earl but she was uneducated in the school room, and uneducated in the royal ways - including that upChuck was a flake and a phony.

One other HUGE difference:

Kate did not have to endure the physician's examination to make sure she is a virgin bride as Diana had to endure. We already know that Kate and William were living together.

I've never forget hearing what Diana had to go through to be "approved" - like beef cattle or swine.

My belief is that because of how much and for how long Diana suffered, her sons are making sure their girlfriends and now wife, do not fare similarly.

As was often said, Kate was well educated, well heeled, and well coached... she is also a natural.

No wonder Will loves her.

Now the world will love her too!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I did not want to put this in the body of the post but...

Trmenendous credit goes to Diana and Charles for raising those two boys to be who they are today. In an era where wealth is more commonly associated with bad behavior (okay, yes, Harry has learned tho!) and drug use and every other bad vice:

Will and Harry respect people.

Will and Harry respect their priveledge (okay, yes, Harry has had to learn to tone it down).

Will and Harry have learned to love their step-mother because while she was part and parcel the primary reason for Diana's insecurity, Camilla make their father tremendously happy. That is more important to them, than their own love of their mother. By doing so, by including Camilla into their lives, they've honored not only their father but their late mother as well.

Diana would be very, very proud.

Red Stethoscope said...

I didn't know much about Kate until recently, but the more I learn about her, the more that I like her. What stands out to me is that this relationship hasn't always been easy for her. She got a lot of disrespect for being "middle class trash" and of course, for getting strung along ("Waitie Katie"). I have had relationships where I was put down for various reasons--coming from a "broken home," not being "Indian enough," etc. I don't know if I would have been as strong as Kate to keep moving forward and following her heart. I so want to be like, "Who's WAITIE KATIE now?!" to the haters, on her!