Monday, April 18, 2011

My Son - Gen Chem

I know... it is unacceptable to abuse our kids or anyone for that matter.  But I'd like to take cast iron frying pan upside my son's head.

Can I do that?

Me:  Okay, how about an hour of stoich?

Him:  Well, I have to tank a Cho'gall raid in 1/2 hour.  Can we do it after that?

Me:  Because Cho'gall is going to get you that awesome engineering job, right?

Him:  Well, I'm learning the dexterity of keyboards relevant to positioning during multiple maneuvers and several different disparate objects flying across the screen which I need to control otherwise, other people's keyboards may end up in trash.

Me:  You mean, you wiped the raid and are resetting.

Him:  Yes. 

At least he is trying to put disparate pieces of vernacular together to construct a logical sentence out of nonsensical rubbish.

Where's my pan?.....


Phathead said...

Sounds like a lawyer

A Doc 2 Be said...

LOL - now that you mention that...

Anonymous said...

As a recovering WoW main tank for a high end raiding guild, I totally understand. He has priorities - let him tank. His guildies will appreciate it.

Just make sure that his guild takes care of him.

A Doc 2 Be said...

LOL - you understand my pain!!

He asked me to heal - he is the main tank (we are in #1 guild on our server, guild in vanilla was #1 US, and #9 worldwide; my pally was tank healer, my druid is now the raid heals; he thinks he - we - can get "sponsored" because he "hears" of all these WoW sponsorships - hahahaha - oh, trying to find a bag to breathe in)

I told him I have to eat.

He said eating is optional.

lol - sigh. I thought I was done with this behavior when I kicked "evil" out of our house and along with it, EQ.

But damn Blizzard ...

Grats on beating your addiction!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Should add: yes, I still play but playing is optional. I no longer raid but am raid-worthy.

THAT should be a Seinfeld episode!

Anonymous said...

I had to quit twice in order to actually kick the habit. If I hadn't decided I wanted to go to medical school, I'd probably have fallen off the wagon again.

A Doc 2 Be said...

You know... I'm in a guild with an MS 2 and MS 3... there is this thing called "Refer a friend" - I could get a cool two seater rocket :P


I thinkt he hardest part of the game to leave behind is the social aspect - just like here, one can follow another's life, talk about RL junk, and in my case, I talk about pre-med, find out what neruo books they are reading/using, get tips/tricks for MCAT, discuss various schools, etc etc etc

All while taking down Nefarion... or KT or KJ. LK was a joke.