Friday, April 15, 2011


I heard about this last year from a professor who told me I'd better not waste my time on EK prep books given the MCAT was changing SOOOOON!!!! Thankfully, I did not listen to him.

NEW MCAT is slated for implementation in 2015. If lucky, I will be an MS 3 then and not care.

That said, I went back to read the WSJ article on it and thought the title of the LINK said:

http:/ (guess we know where my mind is :D)

In that regard, here's to critical drinking:

and here's to the article itself:


Red Stethoscope said...

Lol! Even if the MCAT was changing sooner than 2015, I don't know if your EK stuff would be outdated. The MCAT changed to an online format a year before I took it, and I definitely used all of the old paper exams that my friends gave me. The questions were relatively the same and it didn't matter to me whether or not I was sitting outside and taking a paper exam, or sitting in the library doing practice Q on a computer.

Good luck! ;)

A Doc 2 Be said...

The rumors have the MCAT changing to more biochem and micro biology, less organic chem and including component to test critical thinking vs. rote memory, etc.

Anonymous said...

I read this several weeks ago - unless you're waiting 4 more years to take the exam, you're fine.

It looks like the exam will actually change rather substantially. Here is a link to the preliminary recommendations.

Emma said...

Hey! My name is Emma and I'm quite new to the whole blogging world. Just wondering how you were studying for the MCAT? I'm taking mine in May and I'm feeling super unprepared!! Maybe we can compare studying tactics?

A Doc 2 Be said...

I have the EK books and will use them. My MCAT won't be until next year, unfortunately, I fell off the pre-med path this academic year. Hoping to get back in fall, finish next spring, apply in summer.

Good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

I've officially registered for mine - will be taking it Sept 10.

Emma said...

Oh sorry to hear! I'm still trying to catch up with all blogs. Good luck to you too!

A Doc 2 Be said...

No need for sorry - easier to be in school getting grades I'm capable of without the MAJOR distractions I had going on...

Good luck to both of you!

I like EK books best because they are simple to follow and more "fun" to study than Princeton or Kaplan.

That's just my op. I think studying anything will help overall... just need to find which method/books/lectures that fit the person.