Friday, April 29, 2011

Remembering Those In The South

Twister, it came out in mid-80s I believe, or early 90s.  The sounds of thunder, roaring, terror as there is no place to hide when a monster of mother nature comes barreling down.

I lived through a tiny one in 1997.  It sounds just like people describe it.  With my black lab Boozer (unafraid of anything up to that point) our greyhound Rosie, and my son, we huddled in the closet underneath our stairs while the screeching, howling, rocking, eery freight train in our house roared by.  It picked up and dumped a 20' ash tree on my house, tore up the privacy fencing dumping it in my neighbors' yards, or the lake; twisted a tree around and plopped it over into the lake.  That would become a turtle's resting place and the snowy egrets favorite fishing spot.

But the tornado that came through my neighborhood, did nothing that looked like this:

(Photo: Dusty Compton)

And on this day, and for the days to come, I wish I could do more than send my condolences and well wishes to those who just lost everything, including lives. 

(Also, if by chance, you are Beverly A. Wa... from Tuscaloosa, AL who graduated from a small podunk high school in the middle of ND whose dad was in a military unit who had a best friend with which you made AWESOME pizza  ... could you, you know, let people know you're okay?  We care.  We understand.  We have been, and are, there with you in spirit.)

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Slamdunk said...

Unreal the photos and devistation there.

Thanks for the kind words over at my place and I hope you have a good week.