Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden's Mockery

of his followers, of his faithful... There is no martrydom, there are no virgins awaiting him.

While he claimed to be willing to live amongst his "brethren" he did not. He lived in a mansion with all the comforts one would be afforded with his vast wealth.

Bin Laden is a failure.

Bin Laden was a coward. He used a woman to shield him from US forces. Both are dead.

There is a new swagger today in the walks of Americans. No longer feeling like we are 2nd place to the rest of the world, no longer burdened by a job unfinished, no longer suppressed by a sitting President who promised much and delivered little, we stand proud.

United once again under a leadership that has shown it can, and will, strike at those who terrorize us.

United once again under a leadership that has shown diplomacy can, and will, work but if it fails, we will kick the ass of those who hurt us.

At this time, I hope it is not lost HOW the information was gleaned.

So many want to bash Bush (I was one of them) but it was the BUSH administration that allowed water boarding to get the information. It was the Obama administration that shut that down.

Let us say thank you to both administrations for what they have accomplished.

And thank you, to the unnamed, unknown elites in ST6. Thank you for restoring pride to a country that needed it right now.



Cicero said...

I find the whole "United" talk kind of a joke. You are 1 of what? Almost 3 million Americans? I don't know you, but I certainly don't feel united with you or other citizens of this country.

Bin Laden was a bad guy. He deserved what he got. But I'm not going to become some extreme patriot like people did after 9/11. I believe and hope that God will shine his favor down on the entire world. God bless America??? Why? Why not the whole world? Ethnocentrism makes me sick.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I am thrilled for the U.S.

Just as I was thrilled for Britain on Friday with the royal wedding, South Africa when Nelson Mandella was released, USSR when the wall came down... It comes down to national pride and identity.

I live in "this" country. My traveling has taken me to every continent but Antarctica; I've lived with the Filipinos, ate with the Mexicans, surfed with the Australians, and sat in the safari with Africans. Been there, seen that, done that... and will continue to do so.

I "loved" what being an American meant before 9-11. There was a certain pride that was stripped from our livelihood that sad and tragic day. Bin Laden said he would not destroy us from the outside but from within. As the US gov't spent far too much money initiating and engaging in a war no on wanted, Bin Laden was winning.

With the demise of Bin Laden at the U.S.'s hands only, it should send a lightning bolt to other would-be idiots saying:

You hurt an American or an ally or a friend (thinking Tanzania here),

We will find you.

We will make sure justice is served.

In a soon-coming era of Chinese economical dominance, it is nice to see the balance of that kind of power will be, once again, U.S. might.

And just because it's my blog:

May God bless the United States of America, her friends, her allies, and those that are re-thinking their position on this great country.