Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Forum - Prompted A Storm Review

It still hurts... not second by second, but when I reread the posts from a year ago, I still mourn his loss.

I know I'm not supposed to, he was "just a dog" and yet to me, and to my son, he was more than "just a dog."  Storm was ... and then words fail me.

Storm was my soul. 

I poured everything I had into him - my last bits of money, my time, my energy, my love.  I'm FURever grateful for the vets that helped me heal him up (and would still love to sue the idiot who made terrible decisions last October - should not carry DVM on the end of her name, worse was the battle ax at front desk... /rant off).

Bentley is with us now... the heartmender.  And while he does not claim my soul, he definitely has my heart.  He "talks" to me each morning... rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr roooo... then bumps me silly with his butt... nuzzling me for attention and loving.  He sneaks on my bed like Storm used to do, he sits on my lap like... he prances a bit too and one time, I caught my son smiling broadly for he saw "it" too... the way Storm... and then our eyes water, for Bentley is a love, a heartmender, but...

Life goes on with the death of a loved one.  Life moves effortlessly on for those around us...

Today, I stopped, reread my posts on Storm and it "feels" like he's right there with me again.

Damn "allergies" anyway :P


Adam Browning said...

I understand how you feel; Storm wasn't just a dog, he was _your_ dog, just as you were his human. When we love, we give a part of our soul; when we are loved, our soul is augmented. All are appointed a time to live, in the memory of our loved ones, we live forever. I wish there was something that could be said to make it not hurt, but... well, you know. I hope you have many happy years with Bentley.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you, Adam.

My heart still aches at times.

Slamdunk said...

I can relate.

I sometimes reread the email that I wrote to my father after our longtime friend Sara the Springer passed. He and my mom picked Sara out for me, and I eventually met my wife through that dog. Dad always loved Sara more because it was one of the last things that he and mom did together before she was diagnosised with cancer and passed.

A Doc 2 Be said...

SD, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's passing... I had no idea... when people say they don't understand the connection between a beloved furred friend and the human, I wonder what connection they feel to anything at all.

Sara sounds like she was the perfect gift at the perfect time for the perfectly awesome man to meet his beloved wife.