Thursday, June 16, 2011

Erm. About That ...

personal training I signed up for.  The one where I asked to have my butt kicked because toned and tanned is far more sexy to me, than pasty white and saggy (I'm 46 almost 47, it happens!!)

Met my new trainer last night.  Had jumped on alpine trail of treadmill for 25 mins before he was supposed to show up, huffed and puffed up "hills", washed my machine down, and then waited.  And waited.

Front desk said he was going to be late.  I said I was not sure how good that was for a first time meeting.  The kind front desk young woman politely stated, the company gave me the best (/flex!!) and to give him a chance.  While I waited she said he's a firefighter and is often called upon.

He showed up.  Carrying a gallon of water and backwards facing cap.

"Great," I thought inside, "just great."

Sitting on the bench, discussing what I was looking for, he said, "Oh man, have I got dirt on you now!!"  Broadly smiling, poking fun at me, he said, "You're going to hate me.  I don't care.  You're going to tell me to eff off.  I don't care about that either.  You're going to swear each time I ask you to push for a bit further and then collapse and hardly walk.  I don't care about that either.  BUT in a few weeks when you hold those chicken wings up you call arms and they no longer flap in the wind, you're gonna love me; when you climb to Base Camp 1 with Peter Hillary in September, you're gonna love me."

Yep, he was worth waiting for... now to find some boxing gloves (he's a former UFC fighter in peak condition) and to find a way to say buh bye to Propel... the only water I can drink in large quantities.

(Edit here:

He saved a man's life back in February at the club.  My trainer is an EMT and firefighter.  Guy had been exercising, and fell over after walking a few feet away.  Had my trainer not been there, the man would have died.

This is ALL good news for me.  At least I know if I pass out, fall over, he can kick my butt AND save my life at the same time!)

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