Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great Danes


1)  Big dogs not prone to biting
2)  Big hearts wanting to please their owners
3)  Big protectors just by sheer size alone
4)  Pretty laid back personalities
5)  Pretty goofy personalities when they get going
6)  Primarily a puppy until they are two
7)  Fairly clean dogs without a lot of hair care required
8)  Comedic timing


1)  Big poops
2)  In the middle of the street while neighbors are watching (see item #8 above)

Yep.  Bentley had been let out the back door to do his nightly "chores"... came back inside, whined at front door.  I thought about it, I'm trying to get into the best shape possible for my VERY BIG DAY in three weeks so another little walk would not kill me.  It was 11:15 PM.

We were about 1/4 mile away and he stopped. 

He sniffed.

He hunched.

Did I mention GREAT danes have GREAT BIG POOPS?!??!?!

So, we started back for home because I did not have poop bags with me.  A few neighbors were out.  Said hello to me.  I'm the new girl in neighborhood and only one with a dane... and dane sized poop.

I think it was their way of saying, "Somebody's watching you!"

Bentley walked in the front door, greeted G-man with his "rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rooooo...." while I snatched some bags.

Finding great dane poop in the middle of the night is not as easy as it sounds...

But rest easy, fair neighbors, find it we did.  Bentley was so proud.

"Look Mom!!  Lookie what I can do!  Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr roo...."

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Slamdunk said...

Haha, on the big poops.

The other side of that, at least with our 95 lbs. dog is that there is a lot of rear clearance where I can slide a paper towel and catch the poop when our dog decides to do it on a walk--makes for much easier cleanup.