Monday, June 6, 2011

Proton Therapy

Stumbling and bumbling through the internet I ran across an article on proton treatment for cancer. Instead of a rad onc using x-ray in which the beam destroys the cancerous cells as well as healthy ones, the use of protons allows for better targeting of the disease and less loss of healthy tissue.

There are only NINE proton centers in the US, 20+ internationally, and less than a handful being built. Others are under consideration.

Fascinating therapy to be sure but what I found amusing, and path-choice confirming, was the idiotic remark by a CEO:

"... the advent of protons signaled a worrisome turn in the industry..."

Yes, I'm sure. Damn humans anyway putting forth the effort to "advent protons"

Hee hee... (I'm sure it's a typo and the writer of the article, is clearly clueless about general chemistry, physics, and/or any other type of science.)

You can read the article here:

Proton Therapy

I bet the next great "discovery" will be neutrinos.  Lolololol.....


OMDG said...

The problem with proton therapy is that there haven't been any studies to show that it works better than IMRT (which actually works pretty well), and it's really expensive. It's kind of like robotic prostate surgery -- the tech-y name makes it sound like it ought to be better, but in truth outcomes for prostate surgery are similar (and possibly worse depending on the study) to open prostatectomy.

Moral: Patients (esp. men) are suckers for "the latest" unproven technology.

A Doc 2 Be said...

In this case it is a young teenager who has been donating her hair for "locks for kids" or some such thing and now finds herself fighting liver cancer.

I hope it works!!!