Sunday, July 17, 2011

Down & Out?

Over almost four years, people have come into and out of my life for various reasons.  Some wanted and tried to help, others just simply disappeared, others yet, I axed.  The old adage: if you can't say something nice then keep your damn fool mouth shut comes to mind, or at least phrase your damn fool mind so that it is not so overtly offensive.  Some people never learn.  I culled them.

Some people wanted the Ad2b who had great parties on the deck replete with steaks and beer, still others wanted Ad2b to help them out despite the situation on hand, and others yet, just wanted to make a really bad situation much, much worse.  Then there is the last group: those who disappeared because Ad2b was no longer one of the top 1% but rather qualified for welfare (which I never took).

I found out who my true friends are.  I found out who would stick with me through thick and thin, stand up for me absent of me being able to do so myself.  I found out who would help coach me along without impinging upon my dignity and my heart.  I found out who would do what they could without looking down their noses at me.

As I rise again, I find the clinger-on-'ers coming back again.  I found out those to whom I have been loyal to, are unworthy.  Painful recognition of facts.

Today, an article on reminded me of it all over again.

Sinatra once fell from glory to 3-bit Frank.  Patsy stood by him and while Sinatra was all alone one Thanksgiving, Patsy opened his restaurant anyway just so Frank would not be alone.  People often wondered why Frank was so loyal to Patsy because when Sinatra rose again, he could eat anywhere, anytime.

That loyalty has been repaid again and again. I hope to do the same for those who were loyal to me.  You know who you are.

Here's the article on Sinatra:  Sinatra


NP Odyssey said...

Deep down you know the right people to keep around in your life, and the loyal or unworthy family and friends eventually show their true colors.

I believe where some go wrong is keeping those negative family members in their lives. Just because some DNA says you are related, does not make it a good decision to keep that energy-draining cousin, aunt or uncle around.

Slamdunk said...

When we have little and see who around us could care less, now that is a friendship worth preserving.