Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Child Abandonment (edited)

It is making news around my hometown.  A father raising his son alone because the mother is apparently unfit, abandoned his son in the middle of the night.

The story weaves that the father had lost his job, was not able to find another job (he's an architect in an abysmal economy), was not able to provide for his son so after the son went to sleep one night, the father wrote two letters and drove off into the night.  When the son awoke, he realized he'd been left behind.

I was aghast.  Most people are aghast.  Anyone with a slight ticking in the gray matter is aghast and appalled by the behavior of a well-to-do, educated man.

When my job ended on December 4, 2007, I worried greatly how it would affect my then 15 year old son.  I worried about how I was going to provide a decent Christmas for him and my ailing parents.  I worried how I was going to feed my pack of dogs (6 at the time: two great danes, a golden retreiver, a basset hound, a cross-bred pit bull with rhodesian ridgeback, and the dachshund).  I worried about the equity in my house, I worried about the payments, I worried about my 401k, I worried about my IRAs, but of course, my 2,000 shares of Lehman Brothers was standing by to help me IF things went very wrong.

As, you all know, things did go very, very wrong.  When they did, I worried about the 6 dogs and I living in my truck and how I'd shower every day to get to job interviews (which never came because of ....).  When things got worse, I worried that my truck might not hold all of us and no campground would take the 8 of us.  When things went from worse to hell, I worried about eating.

NEVER once did I think about abandoning my son.  NEVER once did I think he'd be too embarrassed to be with me.  NEVER, EVER would I have left him behind to move along in my life to a sunny locale to just "be" and forget.

The paternal chromosomal donator in the story from this summer still had his house, still had time to live there, still had time to figure out a life path in which to keep his son.  He makes me sick, he makes everyone sick... and sadly, the worst of it is, the child will someday forgive that idiot and call him, "Dad" - which makes it even worse.

There is no excuse for the actions of the man.  I hope the courts see it as such as well.  I guess it makes me angry that I went through hell and never once considered leaving my son.  If life goes to hell, who else is still going to love me?  And if that one person is the only one on Earth to say, "I love you" why in the same hell would I leave him behind?

Well, I wouldn't and I didn't.  I feel if I can survive and thrive after the debacle that was my life, so can others.  I'm NOT unsympathetic to the plight of those under or unemployed, I'm unsympathetic toward people who think the best option is getting rid of their children.

Link to the disgusting waste of homo sapien:  http://www.startribune.com/local/south/128653803.html

(P.S.  I edited this because in my angst of reading the story, I missed some important words... like NOT...)


NP Odyssey said...

I'm visiting family in Viking country now and saw this on the local news. Sad excuse for a father, and the loser mother had abandon them years before.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Welcome to the chill of summer!


Very sad story. I hope the boy forgives his father one day and yet, part me thinks the father doesn't deserve it.