Friday, August 26, 2011

Officially, I Am Back

And my feet are still not quite touching the ground. Organic chemistry and biology the only courses this fall, which is perfect given I'll be working 35 hours a week.

Making today that much more sweet?

Not sure if you remember the story of how my neighbors of 10 years snooped around my home in 2010 as I was getting ready to hand the keys over. Never once did they ask what they could do to help during the three years of drama; never once did they ask if I could use a diet coke or a plate of nachos; never once did they concern themselves about how we were coping.

What they did wonder quite bluntly (and rudely) was if I was going to sell the house at auction (the owner does not sell at auction, the mortgage company's attorneys do). What they did do was send their young daughter to my house to ask who the new neighbors were going to be and when they were moving in. What they did do is snoop through the house while I was packing (they did not offer to help with that either) to see what they might like to buy, as if anything was for sale (it was not).

Tonight, I was getting my mani done at the spa. A tiny, petite, pretty young woman smiled broadly and said, "AD2B!!!!!" It was the neighbor's daughter. She was excited to see me, excited to tell me about her new school year (she will be a sophomore in high school), excited to ask about my own son. I told her she should stop outside to say hi to him as he was sitting in our Escalade.

I will openly admit there was a bit of satisfaction to be able to say that. Escalade holds a certain sort of connotation: of having made it, or in my case, made it back.

Even better was the daughter walking out with her mom who asked who she was talking to, "AD2B!!" "Ad2b?" asked the mom. "Ad2b our old neighbor!"

Needless to say, the mom didn't bother to say hi as I dried my nails. Needless to say, they left hurriedly as if afraid that my bad luck might rub off on them, or perhaps afraid that I would remember how shabbily they treated me as my life went down the sewer, or how poorly they acted when in my house one last day.

I can only say that through the grace of good friends, my family, and those that I came to love was I able to survive with grace, dignity, and hope intact.

Pretty sure that mom and her husband will not fare as well for in treating me like they did last year, and again today, they showed who they really are: classless, lacking grace, no tact.

Best part of all that?

I don't care. I WILL be a doctor. Next step is in 11 days :)

Make yours a great day as well!

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NP Odyssey said...

Good for you and eff the neighbors. Sounds like a good semester coming up