Tuesday, September 20, 2011

25 Years

In 1986, the Challenger was destroyed shortly after lift-off.

In 1986, Garth Brooks married his first wife (and mother of his three kids), Sandy

In 1986, Duran Duran started as a three piece band.

In 1986, Tina Turner was awarded her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1986, Oprah went national.

In 1986, FOX became the country's 4th nationally televised channel.

And, on this day, in 1986, my son Austin passed away at the age of 6 months from SIDS.

No matter how much time flies, a mother never stops loving and always remembers.

Baby Cakes, ride that cloud, give Stasha a hug for me. Love you always, AJ!

~ Mom


Slamdunk said...

My prayers are with you on this memorable day Doc 2 Be.

Cyaeg said...

Agreed, praying.Your honesty, compassion, and thankfulness is so encouraging. Love you!