Friday, September 30, 2011

T - 66.5 Hours

Until my first o-chem exam.  Still really confuddled with stereogenic centers.  It can't be that hard... oh, and meso.

Meanwhile, I'm good in IUPUKE IUPAC, acid/base, formal charge, resonance v isomers, Newman projections, pKa for the assigned molecules, and functional group naming... Someone told me a trick with Aldehyde v. Ketone..  A little fuzzy on converting one substituent on a chain to a chair and the equitorial v. axial positions of remaining H atoms or other consitutents, and more fuzzy on two substituents on chain into a chair model.  I think I get stability of chairs now, however, as my TA helped me with BIG white board this afternoon.

So, with 66.5 hours to go, to gel the meso and stereogenic centers (I get chiral v. achiral - just not meso), I have 4 hours to put in for my job (the one that keeps me happy and attending school), and the rest is devoted to ochem.  Problems.  I will be finishing the problem sets this weekend, working with my model kit, and making sure I've memorized the remaining pKa numbers.

Oh, and I got another 100% on my biology quiz.  Just hope that equates to close to 100% on my exam in two weeks!

Back to ochem.  T-66.25...

P.S.  And I got a little ... irritated with a 19-ish young lady who was miffed that my life is so easy as all I had to do was work and go to school where she had "drama" --- heh.  I did not feel inclined to tell her I've had my own set of drama and that pushing 50 means my memory works a ltitle differently.


Unknown said...

That stuff was a pain. The only tricks that I found were that you need at least two stereocenters with the same groups attached to them and a single bond between them that the molecule can be twisted around to make it two mirror images attached together.

Best of luck on your test AD2B!

P.S. You've got to feel sorry for kids. Everything's insanely important to them because most of them haven't been through enough to know how to let the little stuff slide.

Red Stethoscope said...

CLEARLY you are making it look too! Good luck!