Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Blogger's Post

"Useless people" - I giggled inside when I read it, because it actually says, "Useless pages"... Freudian mind slip.

I want to add that those people are the easiest to find because their head is dented from having been dropped on it.  I swear that's what happened to my lab partner of today.  Parent's accidentally "oopsed" him from holding him upside down, feet slipping out of their hands and he... got dropped on his head.

If my old lab instructor were to read this, she'd laugh at my next sentence.  I'm a bit, ahem, *retentive* when it comes to lab.  Meticulous.  Persnickety.  Retentive.  Anal.  If there are details being provided by a software program (think fruit fly pairings), I want all the details.  I also want to understand as I see lab as part of my grade, the easy part of my grade, to help out any deviance in lecture (2nd highest grade, tyvm).  Anyway, details.  I digress.  Details.

Red, opaque females # vs. white, opaque males #, etc.

Apparently, I drew the short straw today.  Last week, this same guy ripped beads apart and said he understood all the processes but never once asked if any of his bench mates did.

My lab partner did not care about details.  My lab partner did not wait for me to get the details I wanted.  Instead he fast forwarded through the rest of the lab while I sat there.  Never asking if I had the data but instead saying, "I know you don't get this so here's how I look at it..."

Eh.  I wanted to ask if his parents were in prison for child abuse... but my *age* kept my mouth shut.

He said something similar again and I responded that I'm not an idiot.  He said something about quiz grades, I left my perfect score up, *haphazardly* on the bench for him to see.  Someone else asked how many I got wrong on the lecture exam.  Exactly two.

Then I moved to a lone computer, started the lab from where the dumped-on-his-head kid left me in the dust.

I hate wishing ill will on anyone... but seriously, I think his head is dented.

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