Sunday, October 9, 2011

Appropriate Library Behavior

Went to my favorite spot - big table in the back where I can spread out my books, model set, note cards and other "crap" ... only to have a very loud group of guys sit at the adjacent table.

This particular library is for med school students (and premed, pre-dent, pre-professional) and has a VERY LARGE GIGANTIC section with tables for talking, chatting, PC usage, etc.

I don't sit there.  Neither did those guys.

So, I asked today if they were going to be congregating again.  Yes.  Okay, where would you suggest I go since this is the quiet area of the library, he suggested upstairs.  I thanked him and moved upstairs.

To the back corner with a table by the window.  After three BLESSED hours of quiet time, a couple moved in next to me.

And then it started.

A sniffle here.

A giggle there.

A cough, hack, wheeze and a sneeze or two there.

Another giggle and laughing here.

A fart sound there.

Followed by a belch.

More snuffling, hacking, spitting here and there.

More giggling.

More farting, belching, hacking, wheezing, snorting, snuffling, hacking...

And I left.

Seriously?  What planet are you people from that you have such RUDE behaviors???

Get a Kleenex, buy some Pepto/Gas-X/phazyme, get some Advil Sinus, or go home.

/rant off



Mi said...

Ha Ha Ha! At least, you can go home.

A Doc 2 Be said...

:) Yes, where Sir Bentley promptly farted, and Hope belched.