Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Night

If you are new to my blog, you'll have to read Storm's page for the full story. 

Storm was my 11th great dane.  He came to me in August of 2002 a cheerful little puppy with a mischievous streak wider than a road.  He never outgrew that streak, nor did I want him to.  After surviving bloat, and torsion surgery, he was well on his way to living out the rest of his life... until the e-vet made a horrendous, and horrifically tragic error in judgment.  A year later and I still wish I had legs to stand on to take her license.

Storm died, put to sleep because the e-vet had made such a horrible judgment.

Storm died, and my soul... left me.  Somewhere out in the great abyss of the skies, my soul wanders looking for its place again.  Storm who was with me through the darkest hours of my life, was gone... I've tried making his YouTube video and I just can't get there yet.  I still miss him.  I still yearn to stroll my fingers through his neck fur, have him get the zoomies on my bed and around my house...

Enter Sir Bentley.  The dorky, ALF-looking great dane who is my heartmender.  He is everything I could love in a great dane: goofy, tail-spinning, nails digging into the carpet swirling, 120 pounds of whirling zoomie heart-mending love.

Last night, he wretched.  Once, then twice.  I listened while my own heart rate increased substantially.  "Don't panic" I told myself, despite that my fingers had left biology practice questions and were now Googling ... "bloat symptoms" ... I heard the retching again.  Full panic set in.  Calmly, I got up and walked over to him.  He was miserable, confused, his eyes were watery.

Patting his stomach, I felt the drum often talked about with bloat.  He wretched again.  I pushed phayzme and famotadine pills down his throat.  I put fresh water in his bowl.  And I watched.

The distension of his abdomen was not there, he was not pacing, he did not do the things that Storm did on both of his bloat events.

Then he wretched again.  Sir Bentley went outside, he peed and then... in a whoosh of explosive... he let loose the bones he'd been gnawing on.  He ate grass.

Then, in a fashion reminiscent of my library experience:

he burped (yeay!)
he farted (yeay!!)
he barfed (yes, yeay!)
he farted again (double yeay!)

and then he laid down on my bed, fell asleep next to his skinned mom who was shaken and stirred, and moreover, very, very relieved.

I did not sleep much last night.  Storm's life still lingering in my mind, Bentley's issues still very much front and center...

This morning he is fine.  I gave him fresh water and will cook him rice tonight along with boiled chicken.

Bloat is horrific... and I'm so thankful, I did not have to see it again... so thankful!


NP Odyssey said...

When I was reading it I thought oh no gastric torsion/stomach flipping. Glad he is alright.

A Doc 2 Be said...

me too!

Slamdunk said...

Glad Sir Bentley was ok. It is amazing how much dogs mean in our lives.

Chicken and rice is a winner.