Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Off Right

Went to bed last night at decent hour (midnight) and woke up to a slight headache.  I remember these.  The anxiety starting to set in for the exam, knowing how each semester so far, I've started out in a hole, only to build to an "A" in the end.  Trying not to do that this time.

With that said, got into my SUV this morning, thought, "Boy, it'd be a great omen if I heard a Kenny Chesney song this morning first thing" and sure enough, on one of my XM channels, there was Kenny singing, "Somewhere With You" which would not have been my first choice (Tequila, Fast Forward, Beer In Mexico, etc???) but I won't disparage that I DID get a Kenny song out of the box.

Followed up by "Stereo Heart" on different XM channel and then the topper, while I'm thinking I may well get a 100 on this first organic-medschoolkiller- chemistry exam, "I Need a Doctor".

By that time, enantiomers were settled in my head, I finally was able to get achiral and chiral, and finally meso... on my way in this morning, listening to a line up of tunes that made my feet happy, my hands waving and dancing around while driving, and my headache went buh-bye.

Last lyrics (song I need to find!!) I heard before driving into the ramp and my XM signal dying,

"I know the sun still shines when you're not around...

I have one thing to say and that's thanks for nothin'
Kiss my ass."

Yep.  We ALL know who that is meant for!

Make it a great day - I'm off to ace get a 100 on my ochem exam!

(P.S.  I am still dancing in the library... yep, I'm *that* dork you see in the back corner with a wry smile on her face, feet bobbing away under the table, o-chem crap ALL OVER the table, internally singing to her own song...)

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Slamdunk said...

I hope it went well for you. Nothing wrong with dancing in the library either--anything to stay awake.