Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MORE! Library Silliness

It was 9:30 tonight when after downing 2-52 oz containers of diet coke (fountain, of course), my urinary system started emulating neuronal impulses. Generally, I tend to ignore those but I've been informed, not so nicely, by my doctor that IF I want to be a doctor myself, I'd best start taking better care of myself, or face renal failure (I am prone to renal issues, have been since my early youth).

ANYWAY, TMI done....

The 4th floor QUIET area, except if you are rude and ignore the QUIET signs and refuse to use the GROUP STUDY AREAS, well marked and highlighted here...

contains a bathroom for each gender.

At 9:30, the woman's was marked "CLOSED" with the lovely yellow tripod sign thing.  Seriously?  Midterms, people drinking GALLONS of caffeinated liquid and the library closes the bathrooms???  Silliness!

I walked down a floor, nervous to leave my o-chem and biology books on a table (it's funny how trusting of these people I am when in the same breath I find some of them outright rude)... only to find the group study area full of people studying for mid-terms (MS1s, no less) and no bathrooms.

By this point, my neurons are a little bit upset with me; the impulses are growing a weeeee bit stronger.

I swear, I'm gonna get kicked out of the library now... not for talking... but for ignoring BIG YELLOW SIGNS...

It was either use the one available, or leave a larger, more embarrassing mess for the clean-up crew...

And I will admit... it felt great to not be so straight and narrow for once.

Don't tell anyone though, I like studying here (even if the yackers make me cringe).

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