Monday, October 3, 2011

Perfect Day

Ochem test is done.  The memorization on pKa was only slightly helpful as only one of the questions was directly related (.3 vs. 1.8 in DMSO).  The others were more akin to having to understand how the molecules were put together: phenyl group attached to a methyl group vs. a phenyl group attached to a methyl and a nitrogenous something or other.  Not knowing who has yet to take the test, and knowing how many students reading this, I'm not giving you the answers here :)  Until the key is posted; then I'll probably write a post about ochem 1's first exam in more detail.

ANYWAY, I feel good.  Actually, really good - which scares me.  What did I miss?  I keep going over the test in my head and wondering where did I screw up?  Did I screw up?  How is it that a class that scares everyone (me included) had an exam that I did not think was all that bad? 

Yes, there were parts that made me go "ruh roh" ... enantiomers... ant-in-a-mirror.  I needed that to help me analyze molecules.  Diastereomers... yep, needed that boost too but in my head, I still have trouble flipping the molecules around.  I finally get chiral vs. achiral and achiral meso.  More work for me on the enantiomers for sure.  I see that light can affect how a molecule reacts.  I remember that from years ago as well.

I think I did okay.  In my head, and on paper, I totaled up how many points I believe I *should* get without any doubt, and with any luck at all, maybe I will go higher.  I will be happy with what I totaled and obviously with anything higher :)

And last?  To top off the day, sans a headache, sans a pounding chest, sans the BP soaring (yes, I take propranolol still):

I got a 100% on another biology quiz.

I rock!  :D


Adam Browning said...

Congrats AD2B! Here's to knocking it out of the park!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you! Now I hope I did not get overly confident on how well I did...