Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scrabble & Other Nonsense

Related to yesterday's topic du jour, is today's "Scrabble" courtesy of Dr. Grumpy's post, it got me thinking.

My ex is the nephew of the inventor of Scrabble.  (Really.)  I found it ironic that he would never play me in Scrabble because of my vocabulary (cussing is not allowed, TYVM!! haha) but he would play me in chess... and sandbag me.  While I have dictionaries for Scrabble (and Literati), he had books on chess.... lots of them.

So, my ex.  The nephew of this man who invented the great game.

I hope no one minds if I snicker loudly at what "Scrabble" was originally named for, direct from the Dutch:

"...renamed the game "Scrabble", a word meaning "to grope frantically" [From the Dutch "Schrabben," to scrape or scratch]..."

hahaha... oh, I needed a bag to stop from breathing too hard and laughing too loudly...

Grope.  Scratch.  Scrape.  Yep, all accurate.  For reasons outside the game! 


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